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Before starting this venture we had been travelling as wanderers across various cities of India and tasted the varieties of foods across the country and experienced the majesty of Indian cuisines. During our journey we found a wonderful speciality of Indian cuisine, when we travelled across 8 largest cities of India and particularly tasted Biryani; which changes its taste, flavour, aroma and ingredients depending upon the regions it’s being served in. Biryani is one of the most popular dishes in the world now but in India itself as soon as you taste it into different cities; the taste, spices, herbs and serving style of biryani changes. Keeping everything in consideration we are blessed to begin the wonderful journey now to serve our people the most delectable foods of its kinds and that’s where Uptown Foodies decided to make a difference in culinary culture of Puneites.

We have been a master to cater you the flavoursome dishes on the occasions of Corporate Events & Parties, Family and Friends Gatherings, Friends & Colleagues Get-together, Birthday & Small Parties at home and office. We are always all set to thrill your parties’ buffets on these occasions and let you have the fabulous and majestic experience by dining the most appetizing and mouth-watering delicacies to make your events more happening and remembered.

Uptown Foodies cater you with the majestic experience of food cultures of Awadh, Hyderabad, Bengal, South Indian, Malvani, North Indian (Moghlai), South Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines and serve you the food which will satisfy your appetite with a feeling of having foods from the kitchens of its kind. We have seasoned cooks and chefs who are instructed to prepare the food with Quality and Neatness, We at Uptown Foodies know that now our world has become small and our country people are travelling so frequently to different cities and countries and always seeking the taste of their home’s kitchen; Thus, we care for the most important factor of being human is “being hungry and feeding our appetite”.

Let us make your party so aromatic and appetizing !