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The cuisine of Bengal is not limited to talk about 50 to 100 dishes but has numerous varieties of dishes and to write about it we may need 1000 pages as it is not limited to the cuisine of the city of Kolkata or just West Bengal but cuisine of Assam, Tripura, Barak Valley and Bangladesh are also considered. Mustard oil is the specialty & primary cooking medium in Bengali cuisine although other refined oil is also used and known as “shada tel”, meaning white oil; However, depending on type of food, ghee is often used, e.g., for making the dough or for frying bread. Mustard paste, turmeric, poshto/khas (poppyseed), ginger, coriander, seeds and leaves are common ingredients. ‘The paanch phoron is a general purpose spice mixture composed of cumin, black cumin, fenugreek, fennel seed and mustard. This mixture is more convenient for vegetarian dishes and fish preparations. Another important factor of Bengali food is the use of a cutting instrument and knives are rare in a traditional Bengali kitchen. The Bengali Cuisine have some important factors are great number of rivers and its tributaries providing freshwater fish, flat and fertile land producing abundance of Rice and Lentil, domestic cattle and dairy farming providing milk, mutton, fertile soil producing variety of fruits and vegetables, use of different spices has added to the flavour and taste of Bengali food.

Ceremonial foods are different from the daily food. Daily food consists mainly of rice/roti(handmade bread), fish, lentil(dal), meat, vegetables etc., in different occasions and festivals, guests are served with different kind of Polao or Biryani, Chicken korma, Kebab, borhani, firni, jorda or different sweet dishes etc. A numerous feature of the cuisine is a numerous variety of sweets based on milk and sugar as part of tradition. Wheat is used alongside rice, in different types of breads, such as luchi, kachori and parotha. Special cuisine are also prepared in different seasons; for example, in winter, both urban and rural areas prepare various kinds of Pitha and Kheer (a special kind of dessert made of milk, rice, sugar and spices).

Bengalis also have a tendancy on a daily basis to enjoy their meals and snacks too. They have a tea-time ritual which was probably inspired by the British, but now it’s very common for them to have snacks and they are; dalpuri, samosa(Shingara), peyaji,bonda, veg-chop, veg-cutlet, spicy puffed rice (popularly known as Jhaal Muri) etc. There are Chinese, Southeast Asian, and Burmese influences in the food of Bengal, as well as some British influence, because of the formation of Kolkata during the 1700s. Each entry here is a class of recipes, producing different dishes depending on the choice of ingredients. There are six different tastes to which Bengalis serve; Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter, Hot and Koshay.

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