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Bhopali Chatori Gali
Bhopal is famous for its historic culture and newly metropolitan development. So, if it has a rich culture then it’s obvious to have a large variety of lip smacking foods and cuisine. As we know that Bhopal had briefly been the city of Begums and Nawabs so its culinary is influenced by Mughals. Bhopali cuisine is recognized for its delicious meat dishes, curries and kebabs which are most acknowledged and preferred recipes of the city. The cuisine of Bhopal includes some of the very delicious vegetarian dishes too. The Muslim era has contributed so much to the richness of Bhopali cuisine, many Mughlai and non-veg dishes have been a part of culture and heritage of Bhopali kitchen such as korma, keema and kebabs. There are some mouth watering dishes which Uptown Foodies can offer you to fulfill your appetite are,

Achar gosht is a lip smacking non-veg dish of Bhopal prepared by chicken/lamb meat with pickled spices

Keema Pulav is an aromatic rice based dish prepared by minced meat of lamb with basmati rice.

Biryani Pilaf is a South Asian version of Mughlai Biryani.

Roghan Josh is a gravy based dish enjoyed with Tandoori roti or Rumali roti.

Bafla is an ideal dish to take along with a bowl of Dal with a thick texture.

Faluda, Jalebi and Rabri are very much reckoned sweets in the city.

Uptown foodies will fill your senses with extreme delights and a variety of dishes of your hometown. We serve you the foods with a perfect blend and style of Bhopali cuisine. We have some experts who have already worked into the restaurants across the city of Bhopal and Indore and mastered themselves on preparing Central Indian foods.