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Dakshin Bharat Ke Masale
Dakshin Bharat (South India) is an Umbrella term to define the five southern states of India, which are ; Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Telangana. As they have a united name to define their geographical locations they have also a quite similar food cultures and traditions, the ingredients, serving styles, spices & herbs. The similarities among the cuisines of five states include the use of rice as a staple food, lentils and spices, dried red chilly and fresh green chilly, coconut, and regional fruits and vegetables like tamarind, plantain, snake gourd, garlic, and ginger. Every states may differ than others by the use of spiciness in the foods but the concept of the foods’ recipes are same.

The cuisine of Andhra Pradesh is the spiciest in Southern India and you may find the cuisine of Telangana is as similar as the cuisine of Andhra as recently Andhra Pradesh has been bifurcated to create a new Telangana state and Hyderabad became the state’s capital. Plenty use of Chili and Tamarind make the dishes fiery and hot. The majority of a different variety of dishes are vegetable or lentil based. The more fertile Andhra coastal area has a straight coastline along the Bay of Bengal, and its cuisine has a diversified flavor with varieties of seafood. Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana, has its unique and own characteristic cuisine, which is quitely different than other Andhra cuisines. The Nizams developed the Hyderabadi cuisine, which is mostly like the Nawabi and Lucknowi cuisine. The only difference is that the Nizams of Hyderabad prefer their food to be spicy, resulting in the famous Hyderabadi cuisine, which includes dishes like Kacche gosht (Raw Meat) ki biryani, Dum ka Murgh (Chicken cooked in steam), baghara baingan (Eggplant), and Achaari Subzi (Vegetable gravy added spices of pickles in it).

A Tamil meal consists of many spicy and non-spicy foods. Most of the dishes are generally prepared and eaten with steamed rice, rice is the important food of the region. Apart from Brahmins and a couple of non-Brahmin castes, mostly Tamilians eat non-vegetarian foods. However, on some days of occasions, a Tamil family will eat mostly vegetarian food, and the intake of meat is lower. Restaurants serving Tamil food are traditionally of two types – so called Saiva restaurants (serving only vegetarian food) and so called Asaiva restaurant (serving both non vegetarian and vegetarian food). Saiva restaurants serve people from all castes and religions. Fresh coffee and tea remain a staple drink served in both restaurants.

Karnataka cuisine is very diverse changing by the regions of Karnataka.The famous traditional south Indian breakfasts like idli, vada and masala dosa was pioneered in Karnataka in the temple roads of Udupi, which has now been the traditional South Indian food. Described as the lightest and mildest in terms of using and adding spices of the five southern states’ cuisines, there is a generous use of jaggery, palm sugar and little use of chili powder however Northern Karnataka cuisine, which can be superbly hot and fiery, is an exception. Since the percentage of vegetarians in Karnataka is higher than other southern states, vegetarian food has widespread popularity.

Kerala cuisine is very unique, a diversity is best defined on the basis of the various communities. The Syrian Christian’s dishes and Malabari Muslim dishes are famous. Since Kerala’s famous export is coconuts, so almost every dishes, irrespective of the cuisines of the different communities, have coconuts added with them, either in the form of shavings or oil extracted from the nut. Seafood is also very popular in the coastal regions and eaten almost every day.

It’s very understanding that South Indian cuisines are world famous as the South Indians migrated to various countries of the world and have taken and carried their traditions along. Uptown Foodies cooks can make your party blast with the serving of foods exclusively from southern Indian kitchens and satisfy your sense of appetites.