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Delhi is a megacity of various cultures and ethnicity which enriches the variety of the gastronomic range in the National Capital Region. From Chandni Chowk to Majnu ka Tilla, Delhi is abounding with many culinary delights & delicacies and famous junctions of these mouth watering foods across the city. Though we know that Delhi had been the sultanate and headquarters of various kings and emperors of Turkic and Moghul origins who brought many Mughlai and Turkish cuisines into the region prepared and experimented into the shahi kitchens of moghuls but still Delhi has abundance of other mouth watering dishes which complete modern shahi kitchen of Delhi.

Let’s start with Kulfis and Chats of Delhi which are the main staple foods of Delhiites to be proud of. Doesn’t matter wherever you go and whatever the season is these two foods are served at every junctions of the city with the best & yummiest ways. The most famous Dilliwala dish is butter chicken as it was originated in the 1950s in Moti Mahal Restaurant, Daryaganj, famous for its Tandoori Chicken, the chef there experimentally poured the sauce containing butter, tomato on tandoori chicken pieces; and created a history of this delicious and yummy recipe of Butter Chicken which is well served and eaten across the country now and best enjoyed with rice or naan.

The Old Delhi is the historical food street of the City once you walk into the circuitous lanes of it then you can’t help but be mesmerized to the aroma of one of the region’s signature delicacies, the Nihari. This rich, spicy stew of slow cooked meat is served alongside hot tandoori rotis. The dish was the choice of Royal Families which was eaten in the morning and evening to start their day, Today it is served as the ideal nourishment to every delhiites to kick start their day.

The City food vendors also serve Kashmiri food especially for non-vegetarians like Tabak Maaz, Yakhni, Rishta and Goshtaba, besides the wonderful greens – Haaq. Delhi food also has a discussion of matra kulcha, served on the roadside. Maida kulchas are heated on a tawa and served with matra, mildly seasoned with chilli and a squeeze of lime; However, You can customize the level of chilli as per your preference. The matar/matra is usually stored in a customary brass spherical container.

When we were on a trip to Delhi in 2014 to understand the lifestyle and the culture of the city, we found Delhi is awesomely great at everything they do and so in their food cultures too. We at Uptown Foodies are always willing to serve you the food in the same styles and cultures the way Delhiites experience in the NCR and brought you the foods of NCR with the quality in abundance.