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Daily Meal Mania
1 Veg Meal @ Rs. 119 Only
2 Chicken Meal @ Rs. 139 Only
3 Fish Meal @ Rs. 149 Only
4 Mutton Meal @ Rs. 199 Only

Order acceptance’s timing for Lunch ends at 11AM and Dinner at 6PM.

To place orders please call @ 989-071-7346 / 967-324-0146
Or WhatsApp us @ 967-324-0146.

The Delivery is Free  


• Rice is an umbrella term for Biryani/Fried Rice/Pulao/Steamed Rice/Khichdi/Tehri etc.
• Serving Biryani and Pulao will exclude one (Dry Saalan) of the 2 dishes.
• Chicken Dish (Dry/Fry) may be Tandoori, BBQ, Kebab, Fried Chicken, Manchurian, Crispy etc.
• Chicken Dish (Gravy/Curry) may be Masala, Korma, Rezala, Stew, Butter Masala, Lasooni, Kolhapuri etc.
• Fish is an umbrella term for Bombay Duck, Carp, Catfish, Mackerel, Tuna etc.
• Roti is an umbrella term for Chapati, Paratha, Phulke, Poori etc.
• We only use sunflower oil for all the food preparation.
• No repetition of Saalan for a week is our policy.